Integral unveils Genia, the first AI-powered productivity agency in Canada

27 Sep 2023

MONTREAL, September 27th 2023 – The Integral Collective, composed of four agencies (Digitad, Frank, Osmose et La Fusée) and bringing together 80 digital marketing experts, is proud to announce the launch of its new entity, Genia.

This innovative agency specializes in the adoption and implementation of the best artificial intelligence tools for SMEs. Genia assesses AI opportunities for time-saving and productivity gains, identifies the right tools, and guides its clients in their implementation and in the establishment of a culture that embraces innovation.

Genia’s mission is clear: make artificial intelligence accessible in a responsible way for all Quebec companies, while ensuring a significant gain in productivity.

To anchor this new agency in an in-depth knowledge of new technologies and their challenges, Integral co-founders Alexandre Corbasson and Jérémie Abbou have partnered with a world-class AI expert, Dr. Maxime Cohen, Director of AI at Integral & Professor at McGill University.

“Artificial intelligence should not be a privilege reserved for large corporations. Genia aims to democratize access to the latest advanced technologies, thus enabling every SME to benefit from the best tools on the market to enhance their productivity.”

explains Maxime Cohen.

“The Integral Collective has always been committed to being at the forefront of digital innovation. With the launch of Genia, we’re going one step further, offering Quebec SMEs artificial intelligence solutions that are both effective and responsible”

says Alexandre Corbasson.

With an agile, ROI-focused approach, Genia aims to boost productivity and team well-being without ever recommending job cuts.

“We share the same conviction: AI will not replace employees, but employees using AI will replace the ones who are not using it”

adds Jérémie Abbou.

To find out more, please visit Genia’s website or request a free consultation.

About the Integral Collective

The Integral Collective, with over 80 employees worldwide, has already helped more than 3,000 customers with their digital transformation, via its 5 agencies: Osmose (technology), Digitad (digital performance), Frank (creation), Genia (productivity), and La Fusée (training).

Integral counts among its clients both SMEs and international groups like Danone, Clarins, or Airbus.